So, you need an old copy of MBP?

We have all the known versions of MBP available to download below, just click the version you want to see a list of files you should download to install it. If you've managed to get an unknown version, we're still interested. If you have a clean copy, send us a link.

Note: Versions starting with 1.50 Release Candidate 1 have multiple files, due to the launcher. You will need to extract and merge all these files together to form the complete game client.

Note: Most versions prior to 1.50 Final do not contain certain ignition files. There should be instructions in each version for how to install these from an existing copy of MBG.

Note: Many patch release versions after 1.50 are not shown here, as they simply overwrote the previous versions. They did not have their own directories thus most first patches are unavailable.

Note: Old versions are almost guaranteed to have bugs and problems, especially if they have patches. No support will be given for anyone trying to use an old build, so enjoy at your own risk!